Protects your Most Important Investment- Your Home!

  • Designed and Built to Last a Lifetime!

  • TruGuard lets gutters do what they do best: drain water away from your foundation.
  • TruGuard takes advantage of surface tension.
    The same factor that allows water to rise above the rim of a glass. The surface tension of water
    allows it to follow the contours of TruGuard into the gutter, while debris simply falls to the ground.
  • Even during heavy downpours, water is easily channeled into the gutter.
    The nose-forward design of TruGuard stops any other debris from also coming into the gutter.



Gutters (or eaves troughs) are part of your home’s rainwater management system.  They help to channel water away from the house to prevent water damage. Your gutters help to prevent a number of problems including: mold growth, deck and foundation damage, landscape destruction and infestations of termites, mosquitoes and rodents.


When leaves and other debris fall into your gutters and collect, they can clog your gutters and stop them from working properly.  They get plugged with rotting material – sometimes plants even sprout up.  Water that can’t run off just sits to attract mosquitoes.



TruGuard takes care of your gutters for you. It eliminates the need to climb a ladder to clean out your gutters so you don’t have to risk a fall or injury. TruGuard works non-stop! It lets rainwater in and keeps out debris to keep your gutters clean year-round!


That’s why keeping your gutters clean is so important!



Make your selection from 10 decorator colors, or authentic copper material. We recommend matching or blending with the color of your roof. You can also order custom colors. Contact your Sales or Customer Service Representative.


Century Gutter Systems installs TruGuard


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